Generosity and jealousy

For me (because of my lovely Mel’s birthday dinner on friday) Live Below the Line has begun!


I’ll be doing this (if I can!) from Sunday to Friday this week.

This morning, as the LBTL begun, I was met with a challenge. The challenge of generosity in poverty. As the

offering bags went around Church this morning, I desired to give… but this desire entered a titanic struggle with the desire for whatever food I might buy with that extra cash! It really highlighted the difference between giving out of excess and giving “my very life”. It’s not really something that I’ve had to confront before.

Then I went to buy food. It was definitely a surreal experience, walking around the market seeing all of those things which I have bought so readily (eggplants, spinach, eggs etc) suddenly out of my reach. Watching other shoppers quickly moving about, taking baskets-full of food to the counter, I really began to envy them. I carefully moved through, looking at only the cheapest items.

The most intense moment came for me when, after going through the check-out, I was left with 60c. What could I buy with 60c? I really wanted to buy spinach but that cost more than a dollar! I looked around the store, a bit helpless. Hopefully those two carrots will do me good!

So, my menu for this week:

  • 750g oats
  • 750g chickpeas (from a Nepalese corner store)
  • 3 sweet potatoes
  • 4 mandarins
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 avocadoes – on the specials rack (a significant risk for $2 – I hope they don’t go off too fast!)

Ok, I’m off to find a place to sleep!




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